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Consult Group Series

A six week series for professionals that work with folx through a body liberation lens

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 Exciting Announcement!  Group Consult Starting in May

This 6-week virtual group is open to all providers who work with the spectrum of disordered eating from a body liberation lens. Co-facilitated by Liberating Jasper founders and Certified Body Trust® Providers Maggie Mills and Colleen Young. This interdisciplinary group is open to nutrition and mental health professionals, coaches, peer support specialists and others working in the body liberation field. 

Group participants will:

- Gain valuable insights from diverse perspectives  

- Foster connections with like-minded professionals  

- Acquire practical tools to support clients effectively 

- Deepen your understanding of body liberation

- Explore and unpack internalized biases that can impact your work with clients 

WHEN:  Mondays beginning May 6 through June 10 from 12-1:30 PST

WHERE: Virtual

INVESTMENT: $50 per session ($300 total cost)

Secure your spot today! Limited to 6-8 participants.

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