Core Values

We advocate for a world where Health at Every Size, anti-racism work, and trauma-informed care is the standard.

We resist the dominant oppressive culture by working to dismantle white supremacy.

We acknowledge that white body supremacy is rooted in the oppression of those who live in marginalized bodies including queer, black and brown, disabled, and fat people. 

We actively seek to collaborate with organizations owned by women, people of color, and others with marginalized identities.

We believe the liberation of fat bodies is integral for the fostering of body acceptance for all.

We believe in creating a world where all bodies are free.

We honor each person’s lived experience and trust they are the expert of their own bodies.

We recognize that healing looks different for everyone and personalize treatment to meet each person where they are at in their journey.

We trust each person’s inherent wisdom.

We commit to creating a safe space where each person’s story can be heard and seen.

We strive to provide person-centered eating disorder care.

We center relationships and community as the focal point of the healing process.

We believe in consent, transparency, choice, and access for all as critical to compassionate care.

We cherish each person’s whole history and respect the many roads that have brought them here.

We celebrate radical self-compassion.

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