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  • Queer Peer ED Support

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  • Weight Loss Surgery    Support Group

  • Neuro-Divergent ED Support

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We provide a compassionate healing community for those searching to heal their relationship with food and body.
Our offerings include outpatient services, support groups, class series, and retreats for the spectrum of disordered eating and body distress.
We seek to inspire, liberate, uplift, and hold space for the voices of those that have been silenced for too long.



Hello Liberating Jasper Community,


Happy New Year! The start of a new year seems to bring with it an energetic shift and a welcoming of change in many areas (we're NOT talking about diets or new year resolutions, to be clear). We are writing you now to announce a big shift at Liberating Jasper. Our co-founder Alex McKee has decided to make a big change in their life and depart from the organization and return to private practice full-time. Alex's departure from Jasper marks the end of an era punctuated by periods of excitement, rapid growth, and evolution. Their energy, wisdom, personality, and overall badassery will be missed by all of us here at Jasper.


Liberating Jasper began as an exciting idea over dinner when Alex, Maggie, and Colleen attended the 2018 ASDAH conference in Portland. And since that little spark of inspiration, we have grown from 3-person organization that hosted weekend retreats to a collective of 16 super rad individuals who work each day to help folks on their journey toward food and body liberation. During that time, we even started (and closed) an eating disorder treatment program. You could say, then, that we're no strangers to change. But through all those changes, one thing has remained steadfast: Liberating Jasper's commitment to elevating and celebrating the voices and experiences of those living in the most marginalized bodies. This is something we can say with certainty will never change.


"Open Your Heart and Get Ready"

What's next for Jasper? Great question, we'd love to tell you. On Friday January 13, 2023, Maggie and Colleen convened a ritual to release what was and to welcome in what is to come. In typical Jasper fashion, we laid out some stones (so many Jasper stones!), drew some tarot cards, and read from our north star: "Women Who Run with The Wolves." Serendipitously, the tarot card we pulled for Jasper was the Two of Cups, and it could not have been a more perfect symbol of our future as an organization. 

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The Two of Cups card represents love, the type of love that is nurturing, creative, inspirational, clear, and equally fulfilling. It reflects strong communication and a connection that is deep, pure, honest, and solid. It is a love that is fully expressed from an individual place and extended to the other without self-abandonment or self-diminishment. The type of love where each of the individuals feels equal to the other, and simultaneously, very special to each other. For the astrologically-minded, the Two of Cups card is symbolized by Venus in Cancer. Venus is the planet of love, creativity, and power. Cancer is the astrological symbol of nurturing, comforting, supporting, and healing. In short, there is no card more perfect to symbolize the future of an organization committed to the healing work of body liberation and self-love. 


When Maggie and Colleen met in the fall of 2016 at the first ever in-person retreat for the Body Trust Provider certification, they bonded immediately. Over breakfast one morning at a French bistro (why does Colleen still remember the croissant? ), they shared their dreams for the future, which included "starting an organization or something". Over the years, their friendship, connection, and trust in each other has grown stronger. Their passion for this work, which united them from the beginning, will continue to be a guiding light as they continue to lead Jasper during this next chapter of organizational evolution.


Thank you all - friends, family, clients, colleagues - for bearing witness to the many incarnations of Liberating Jasper. We hope to remind you that, though all relationships change, resilience allows us to embrace change and not fear it. The power of friendship and a loving community can change our experience on this earth and help us to feel held and not so alone. Cheers to the next beautiful chapter, and thank you for being part of it. 

Colleen and Maggie

Co-Founders, Directors, Certified Body Trust® Providers



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