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Experience the growth and healing that occurs when surrounded by a community of women bearing witness to each other’s journey

Join us for a 2 day, 2 night retreat to facilitate embodiment and help you heal your relationship with food and body. 

February 7th to February 9th

Early Bird Pricing Before 1/7 - $487

Regular Pricing After 1/7 - $537

-- Payment plans available --

Location: Vashon Island

All food, lodging, and materials included.

  Please join us for our

First Annual Holiday Hoopla!

When: Saturday, 12/14, 5-7 pm

What: Potluck, clothing exchange/drive, holiday trinket exchange (and more!)



Please bring your favorite holiday dish, casserole, appetizers, dessert, etc. Anything goes! We’ll clear the table to make room for the bounty (and we’ll bring a few of our favorite things, too).


Clothing Exchange/Drive:

In the spirit of “taking what resonates with you, and leaving the rest,” please bring us any clothing you no longer want or need. Between now and 12/14, we will organize the clothing in our upstairs waiting area. Partygoers will have the opportunity to “shop” the clothing on 12/14. We will donate the remaining clothing to the YWCA. 


Blue Elephant Trinket Exchange: 

This gift exchange is similar to a “White Elephant” exchange, but we’re jazzin’ it up with music (and speeding it up so it doesn’t take the whole night). The trinket can be anything small that you would like to gift (e.g., holiday ornaments, decorations, earrings, books, etc.). Gifts should be formerly loved (used) or no more than $10 new. 

Misty Woodland

Retreat Testimonials

Over the next day and a half, we ate together, we laughed, cried and dug deeper into our disordered eating. We talked about our hopes and dreams, our heartaches and fears. We walked in the rain and found joy in the moon light. 

I went in hoping to give up self-doubt and judgment and I got so much more than that. Radical acceptance of right here, right now is something I will continue to work on for the rest of my life.


I know as with all things, practicing this with self-compassion will help me find the internal peace and understanding I am constantly looking for.


We came in feeling like misfits looking for a fix, and found out we fit just as we are. 


Big Fat Hugs,


The retreat was a truly transformative experience. Alex, Maggie, and Colleen hold this sacred and safe space that allows for such deep inner reflection,  growth, and self acceptance.  But they also built a community space that allows all participants to hold space for each other and build strong bonds that I will hold in my heart forever. 


After the retreat I felt so much more at ease and confident in my body. All these different ideas and concepts had been floating around in my mind, but the retreat really brought them all together and made them click, like unlocking a safe full of my innermost truths.


The path ahead feels stronger.  I feel much more grounded in my commitment to this work, as an advocate, as a member of a community, as well as for myself.


Jen P. 

It was a big reach for me to attend a retreat, but I am so thankful I did.  It was essential to my journey for self love and compassion. 


The Liberating Jasper team provided such a well organized, informative, and FUN retreat.  The welcoming, loving environment allowed us participants to be vulnerable and open and we will carry those lessons we learned throughout our lives. 


GO.  You deserve to be happy just as you are.

Nicole M.

Sunday, TBD, 9 AM - 3 PM

 This one-day refresher class is open to all of our clients who have been through any of our programming and would like to reconnect and reignite their commitment to healing their relationship with food and body. Maggie, Alex, and Colleen will lead workshops around intuitive eating, embodiment, self compassion, and facilitate a therapeutic meal. You will gain specific tools to continue on your journey towards freedom from body oppression and food obsession and reconnect with your community of fellow body liberation warriors.

Cost: $87 per person