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Participation Agreement for Virtual Support Groups

By attending this group, I agree to the following guidelines for participating in Liberating Jasper’s support groups:


  • This is not a substitute for individual or group therapy, but rather a place to share in and lean on the collective wisdom of the group. The facilitator is not serving in the role of a clinician, and this is not a therapeutic relationship. 

  • If I am in crisis or in need of a higher level of care, I will reach out to my individual provider or call the local crisis line, or 911, rather than attending this group. 

  • For virtual support groups, I will enable my camera and attend the group from a private location to protection the confidentiality of other group participants. 

  • I commit to fostering an environment where all voices are heard and elevated, especially those of the most marginalized and oppressed. This includes BIPOC, people in the LGBTQIA+ community, people living with disabilities and chronic health conditions, and people in larger bodies. I will practice awareness of my own privileged identities when sharing my experience or offering feedback.

  • I will not use stigmatizing or harmful language when engaging with the group. I will remain open to feedback and redirection should I unintentionally offend group members.  

  •  I agree that everything said in this group by any group member is assumed to be confidential and should NOT be shared outside of the group.

  •  I will be mindful of allowing others space and time to talk. I agree to allow the facilitator to signal to me that it is time to let someone else speak.

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