Alex mckee, MS, Rd


Dietitian, Co-Founder, Director


Alex McKee is an anti-diet registered dietitian, Body Trust® provider, and co-founder and nutrition director at Liberating Jasper. Alex earned her Master of Science in Nutrition Degree from Bastyr University in Kenmore, WA and is a Certified Dietitian licensed through the state of Washington. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Anthropology from the University of St Andrews in Scotland where she first gained perspective on how individuals’ unique history and needs deserve personalized paths to well-being and recovery. Alex is passionate about health reclamation, attuned eating, and body liberation and focuses on improving people's relationship with food, their body, and helping them feel empowered to challenge diet culture and allow unconditional permission to practice weight-neutral self-care.

Alex is dedicated to supporting clients in breaking free from dieting, restrictive living, negative self-talk, fear of food, and disordered eating in order to live a life encompassing self-compassion, intuitive eating, and body liberation.