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For the unique way life wants 
to be expressed 
through you. 

Keeper of the treasure

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Bringer of truth


Liberating Jasper illuminates your path back home to self.
We support you in this journey through mental health therapy, nutrition counseling, workshops, support groups, monthly events, and retreats.

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What if you could be your own place of refuge and sanctuary in a world that is always aiming to pull you outside of yourself?


In an ideal state of being, you are able to ground yourself in your inherent wisdom and live a life that feels freer. We know that liberation from the internal and external forces that aim to disrupt, disconnect, and devalue you is possible. We also believe that there is a place for you, regardless of where you are in your journey back home to yourself.


The process of healing is the process of homecoming—a reunification of the parts of you that have gotten lost.

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Liberating Jasper is a radically inclusive community dedicated to honoring your unique voice.

We are excited to support those looking to return home to themselves, their body, and their world. We do this through nurturing the growth of your inherent wisdom. We practice from a relational systemic lens, which means our providers deeply honor all your lived experiences and identities.


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" I have been a client of Liberating Jasper for about 2 years and see two of the therapists. One helps me to focus on nutrition and unpacking the deeply held beliefs of family and the influences by media. The other listens and helps me to unlock the answers to the deep trauma of my past and present. I am grateful for LJ and thank the universe for sending them to me."

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