Liberating Jasper Associates

Local providers practicing through a lens of Health at Every Size, social justice, and compassionate care. 

Niashay Whitaker, LMHC, MHP


I take great responsibility in being a leader and  an advocate. Above all I like to think of myself as a social justice warrior. I look at healing from a mind body and spiritual approach. In practice I aim to provide a support and inclusive environment. I provide evidence based treatment approaches and specialize in the treatment of anxiety, depression, trauma, eating disorder and body image recovery. Currently offering sliding scale rates based on income. Rates range from $45-$100. Thursday afternoon availability.

Kristy Fassio, LMHCA, CBTP


Kristy is Certified Body Trust® Provider, Licensed Be Body Positive Facilitator, and counseling associate navigating the world of eating disorder treatment with the intention of bringing the Health at Every Size and Body Trust® lens to anyone in her path.  Clients with Binge Eating Disorder are her passion, and she delights in walking clients down the path to embodiment. A former personal trainer and pre and post-natal fitness expert, Kristy believes that every body deserves joyful movement, every body deserves to be seen, and that fat bodies are incredibly amazing. 

Julie Stewart, LMCHA, MS, CN


I treat people who want holistic care, focusing on exploring the intersection of mind and body. What is your bodies story? How does that impact your mental health? Your physical health? I can help you have a better relationship with food, body, and exercise. I help those with disordered eating and those that cope with chronic health and pain issues. Nourish yourself by giving time and attention to you. In our work together, we will focus on your narrative to unravel the connections and help you understand why and how you function. When we discover how we function, we can unstick the dysfunction. 

I help you gain a better relationship with yourself, utilizing intuitive eating and health at every size principals. I am uniquely trained in both therapy and nutrition and hold a certified nutrition license (CN) in addition to my training as a mental health counselor. My approach is collaborative and centered on your needs. 

I practice from an attachment theory lens, and utilize narrative therapy, feminism theory, and existential theories to support our work together. I use other techniques and skills as needed, such as mindfulness or trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy. Talking helps, reach out to me at, or

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