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Our Main Services
Special Offerings

We focus on serving..................................

We focus on community because we heal in community

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I need support with

  • weight-health topics
  • eating disorders, disordered eating
  • nutritional education
  • attuned eating
Nutrition Counseling
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I need someone to talk to

  • about my relationships
  • about my relationship with myself 
  • I need a safe space to open up
  • about my relationship to life
Mental Health Therapy
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I'm not sure

  • I don't know where to start
  • I don't know which services is best suited for me
  • I need help in multiple space of my life
  • I need guidance on how to start this process
Intake Form
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I am looking for a community

  • where I can share my story
  • with like-minded people
  • where I feel understood
  • where i can find support
fat liberation, chronic illness, neuro-divergent , Body liberation, midlife ED, Queer
Support Groups
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We've preparing some special courses for you

Special embodiment and magical ...........

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Do I need to have an eating disorder to work with you?

All of our providers are equipped to work with you on a wide range of presenting issues that may include but are not limited to eating disorders


Do your therapists and nutritionists work on things other than just eating disorders?


Our therapists can provide counseling for other concerns, such as anxiety, depression, life transitions, stress management, trauma, grief, and other common concerns. Our nutrition providers can provide care for commonly diagnosed health concerns, including diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and gastrointestinal concerns, among others. They can also help with meal planning for individuals and families. 


Are your services covered by insurance?

Yes, we are in network with most major insurance plans that include coverage for mental health therapy and nutrition counseling for individuals. All other services are self-pay.


What if I don't have insurance or you don't take my insurance?

If we do not accept your insurance plan, we can submit claims to your insurer as an out of network (OON) provider. We also accept self-pay for individual mental health and nutrition counseling. Equitable sliding scale rates may be available. To learn more about our equitable sliding scale, click here.

  • Supporter rate

  • Standard rate

  • Supported rate


Why do I have a copay/coinsurance requirement for mental health therapy but not nutrition services?

Most major health insurance plans consider nutrition counseling to be a medical service. Therefore, nutrition counseling sessions are billed as other medical appointments, which may or may not require a copayment or coinsurance. To determine your out-of-pocket costs, please reach out to your insurance company to verify the terms of your insurance benefits. 


If I can't afford the sliding scale self-pay options, how else can I get support or work with you?

Our weekly support groups are a great low-cost resource for those needing additional support, or for whom self-pay rates are inaccessible. Registrants are allowed to choose a price that feels right for their budget each week. At the $8 level, the registration fee covers the cost of your own weekly registration. At the $12 level, you will be covering your registration fee, as well as a portion of the registration fee for a community member who is unable to pay the full amount. For those requiring financial assistance to attend a support group, a reduced registration fee of $4 is available. To access the reduced rate, please email


Do I have to be an existing client to attend your support groups, workshops, events, or retreats?

No, our support groups, workshops, events, and retreats are open to all, including former and current clients, and the public. However, if you have not yet begun your eating disorder recovery journey, these offerings are likely not appropriate for you. If in doubt, please reach out to us at


Do you see children or teens?

Our providers do not work with people under the age of 18. However, our network of trusted providers includes those who do work with children and teens. For more information, please visit our referrals page (link to). 

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